Exhibition: KEEM


29th July, 7pm

KEEM were invited to install a selection of works at ArtsLav, Kennington, to coincide with a Footsy Index poetry event.

ArtsLav is a community arts venue located at Kennington Cross in Kennington, London. It started life as an underground Victorian gentlemen’s public toilet, built in 1898.

It went out of commission almost one hundred year’s later, in 1988, during a period of public convenience closures in the local surrounding area. Now a listed building it retains many of it’s original features, including marble urinals, a ventilator shaft, and attendant’s booth.

Exhibition: Get The Message

Camden Arts Centre
15th-20th July (Drinks Reception: Weds 16th July, 7-9pm)

Get the Message Exhibition, 2014. Photo: Pablo Antoli

I have been co-running the Get The Message project at Camden Arts Centre since September 2012.  The well-established project has been exploring innovative approaches to working with young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities for over ten years. The project aims to challenge notions of disability as a limitation through collaborative activities which champion all forms of communication and self expression.

This year’s Get the Message Exhibition is an immersive installation that seeks to explore, and expand upon, the concept of ‘stage’, as investigated with the young people involved in this year’s workshops.

There will be a Drinks Reception on Wednesday 16th July, 7-9pm to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, and a symposium - Disibility in Galleries on Saturday 19th July looking at how galleries can be supportive creative spaces for disabled people. More information on the Symposium to follow shortly.

My Brother The Alien

Parasol Unit
Sunday 11 May, 2.30 – 4 pm

Fact or fiction? Drawing on the fantastical elements within the exhibition, Towards the Possible Film by Shezad Dawood, this workshop encouraged families to explore the fantastic of the everyday, share family stories, and identify unknown or unseen connections between themselves and others.

The workshop drew on the relationship between otherness and otherworldliness – in particular itexplored how the creative potential of the latter can inform our perception. Through drawing, collage, sculpture and performance families created and brought to life a new alien member of their family. They then explored the narrative potential of their creation; through imaginative and experimental storytelling, the realness of the surreal was investigated and interrogated. Who was their alien? How did it fit within their family narrative? And how did it relate to the other 'aliens' in the room?

Families then chance to celebrate their creation in a series of alien family portraits, taken in our makeshift alien-friendly photographic studio...

Film Course: BEING ALIVE

Camden Arts Centre
April 2014

In this week long course I led two groups of young people (aged 5-7yrs and 8-11yrs) towards making a series of films exploring the idea of Being Alive (Tim Ingold style).

Taking on the role of anthropologist, the participants used filmic techniques to make playful documentaries and experimental shorts exploring the uniqueness of experience, embodiment and awakeness, the experiences of light, sound and feeling, the importance of storytelling in the integration of knowledge.

The resultant films were screened at a participant-led film festival at the end of the week.

Screening: BL-NK

Umit Presents 16mm Film
at BL-NK

Friday 28th March, from 16.00

Back in November, I bought a roll of 16mm film off Hackney film specialist, Umit Mesut from the renowned Umit & Son film emporium on Lower Clapton Road. I am delighted that the film I made with that roll, Wayfaring, has been selected to be screened as part of this celebration of 16mm hosted by Umit himself.

For full details of the event, and to buy tickets, click here.

Screenings of the short films will play from 16.00 with the feature film starting at 20.00.

Umit and Son © Rob Greig

Residency: Farringdon Factory

The Farringdon Factory is a month long residency, curated by artists Keira Greene and Natasha Cox. For the duration of the residency, myself, along with around 20 other artists, have unlimited access to a huge, disused office space on Farringdon Street. My approach to the residency will be to conduct a series of observations and responses based on different elements of the site. I am interested in the site being a former place of work (office block) for a large number of people, and in comparing the actions taking place within it now, to the possible actions that may have been performed within it previously. I am also interested in the external and structural elements of the site which remain unchanged even during this period of disuse. I will be posting my observations and responses here for the duration of the residency.

Floor 3 - 23/11/13 

Press Release:
20 Farringdon Street is a seven story building in the City of London. A structure that has been stripped back to its basic form, it is a soundproofed expansive space with enormous, lengthy rooms which look out over the energy of the passing city. The hum of the building’s past activities echoes in this suspended space-in-waiting. 20 Farringdon Street has six L-shaped floors, identical in dimension and vacuity. Each is a blueprint of the last - like a strip of film waiting to be exposed.

From the 25th November to 19th December, this empty space will become the Farringdon Factory, a seven story open studio complex whereby the curators and resident artists will plan live events, screenings, and installations, performances and talks.

The ground floor will be transformed into a constructed cinema, a space that encourages discursive engagement. The facade is glass fronted, and passers­‐by will encounter screenings and events as they filter down through the many levels of the building, and will be invited to become part of the project in this communal and public space. Resident artists, along with invited speakers, will present events that examine methods of research and production linked to both film-making and the temporality of the site. This curated programme will run during the residency and will seek to connect the studio practice upstairs with both visitors and the pedestrians on the street, locating the building itself as a unique site for observation.

Screening: Night Contact

New London Multimedia Festival

Friday night saw the successful launch of new Photography and Multimedia Festival Night Contact. Screens popped up across Dalston to showcase new photographic works by artists engaging with the medium of film. My single channel video piece Nice was screened at the Bird Cafe, Bradbury Street.

Work in Progress: The Social Lives of Clothes (2013)

"We live in a world in which each thing speaks metaphorically of all others." (Bourdieu, 1977)

In a continuation of ideas first developed in Things That Matter, I am working on a new set of object portraits. Each portrait is composed of items of clothing belonging to a particular person. The specific clothes are chosen through discussion with that person in relation to their social significance . As a visual exploration of the ways in which so-called inanimate objects can come to be very much socially alive, the project is a continuation of ongoing explorations into material culture, identity and subjectivity.

Studio Visit: Camden Arts Centre

During a recent studio visit by some colleagues from Camden Arts Centre I took the opportunity to explore some ideas around domestic space and performativity. My studio is within my house so by way of introduction to some new projects, and current processes, I set them the below task.

I was interested in tracing the physical movement of their actions around the domestic space. Some of the changes were minute, in the hand so to speak, others were larger and more embodied. Some actions took up space, whilst others created it. Some of the changes were the direct result of physical actions, whilst others encouraged and shaped physical actions to come.


Publication - KEEM

KEEM's first publication A Chain of Wooded Mountains has arrived back from the printers, and includes a specially commissioned text by writer Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.

We are now looking into various options, and meeting with different print companies, before we go ahead with producing a limited edition print-run of the book.

More information coming soon…

Q&A and Private View: Get Them Message

Get The Message Exhibition - Camden Arts Centre

On Wednesday 10th July, artist Adam Walker and I took part in a  public discussion chaired by Alex Schady, Programme Director at Central Saint Martins, to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of new works by students taking part in the programme this year.

The focus of the discussion was to consider how our work as artists generates dynamic content for collaborative learning. The talk and opening were well attended and some really interesting topics were raised in relation to the authorship of the work produced during the year, the ethics of collaborative practice within gallery education, and the potentially radical pedagogical elements of the Get The Message project.

All photographs by Hydar Dewachi.

Exhibition - Get The Message

9th July - 14th July 2013

The annual exhibition of new works produced by students on the Get The Message project is now open. Get the Message is a collaborative project between young people with learning disabilities, artists and teachers. As an Artist Educator I have been co-running the project for one year now and have had a great time working with both Camden and the students, and the exhibition is a chance to celebrate and share the work that has been produced.

The images below were taken during a visit by the participating students to the exhibition earlier this week. All photographs by Hydar Dewachi.

For more information click here

Exhibition: Night Contact

Night Contact - New London Multimedia Festival
27th September - 6pm onwards

I have been selected to take part in the first ever Night Contact festival taking place in Dalston, London, on the evening of 27 September 2013 from dusk until midnight. Established to display innovative photographic works engaging with other media, projections will be screened across indoor and outdoor spaces across Dalston.

I will be showing a single channel video piece of Nice at the Bird Cafe on Bradbury Street.

Night Contact is London’s new Multimedia and Photography Festival and includes work by over 50 innovative artists including Augustin Rebetez, Stephen Gill, Mishka Henner, Clare Strand and Penelope Umbrico.

Planning - Get The Message

With our first year of running Get The Message at Camden Arts Centre coming to a close, myself and Adam Walker have been busy planning the exhibition of the students work which will take place in July.

The work in the exhibition responds to the theme of mapping, and has experimented with a number of mapping techniques and processes using performance, sound, photography and objects as a way of investigating the galleries, the schools and the spaces in between.

KEEM - Forthcoming Publication…

Following on from the exhibition A Chain of Wooded Mountains, which took place during Photomonth 2012, KEEM have begun work on their book of the same title. This will form the third and final stage of a lengthy process of discussion, interpretation and collaboration.

We are very excited to be working with writer Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, who will be producing a text to accompany the work.

The book will be published in late Spring.