My Brother The Alien

Parasol Unit
Sunday 11 May, 2.30 – 4 pm

Fact or fiction? Drawing on the fantastical elements within the exhibition, Towards the Possible Film by Shezad Dawood, this workshop encouraged families to explore the fantastic of the everyday, share family stories, and identify unknown or unseen connections between themselves and others.

The workshop drew on the relationship between otherness and otherworldliness – in particular itexplored how the creative potential of the latter can inform our perception. Through drawing, collage, sculpture and performance families created and brought to life a new alien member of their family. They then explored the narrative potential of their creation; through imaginative and experimental storytelling, the realness of the surreal was investigated and interrogated. Who was their alien? How did it fit within their family narrative? And how did it relate to the other 'aliens' in the room?

Families then chance to celebrate their creation in a series of alien family portraits, taken in our makeshift alien-friendly photographic studio...