New Tate Modern: Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Special Schools Preview day of the New Tate Modern. The doors will be shut to the general public, but be thrown wide open to 3000 school students from across the UK. As lead artist for the preview, I have framed the day with a manifesto that proposes - YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Other things the manifesto says:

Over to them!


Get The Message Exhibition

9 - 17 July 2016, Artists' Studio

Get the Message is a Camden Arts Centre project working with young people and teachers from local Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools and artists. During the 2015 –16 academic year, myself and artist Adam J. B. Walker have worked with students from The Bridge and The Village Schools, using the exhibitions and their experiences at Camden Arts Centre as a starting point towards creating artwork.

The theme for the year was formed around a word matrix, considering ideas such as gesture, risk and choice as starting points for the workshops. This exhibition presents a space for ‘happenings’ and will be activated at various points throughout the show.

Collaborative artwork by students from The Bridge School on Get the Message at Camden Arts Centre, 2016.

Collaborative artwork by students from The Bridge School on Get the Message at Camden Arts Centre, 2016.

New Tate Modern: Exchanges 5-8

As lead artist for the Special Schools Preview of New Tate Modern on June 16th 2016, I was invited to produce a series of new learning resources in exchange with 8 other artists. The final four exchanges were with Ntiense Eno Amooquaye, Ju Gosling aka ju90, Kate Elliott and Hydar Dewachi...

New Tate Modern - Exchanges 1-4

As lead artist for the Special Schools Preview of New Tate Modern on June 16th 2016, I was invited to produce a series of new learning resources in exchange with 8 other artists. The first four exchanges were with Elisa Noguera Lopez, Nam Tran, Skye Skyetshooki and Adam J.B. Walker...

You had to be there - New text for Tate resource

You had to be there is a new text I wrote for the 4th Issue of Tate magazine Play Ground that explores my position on play in relation to galleries, beaches, geese, anarchy, slipperiness and slides.

Play Ground magazine is designed to share thinking, ideas and questions coming from the Schools and Teachers team and programme at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Each issue features a range of material from images to essays that present and collate conversations with artists as well as the integral encounters to come out of teachers’ courses and events. 

Taking the word ‘play’ as a thematic starting point, the fourth issue of Play Ground asks: What is at stake when we play? What might the performative space of play allow in teaching and learning? How might artists’ practice smudge the boundaries between work and play? What do notions of play across disciplines do to our concept of representation, sincerity and reality?

Download a copy here.


I am pleased to announce I have been commissioned as the lead artist for a special launch event for the new Tate Modern. The event, exclusively for schools, will happen in June 2016 - the day before the new galleries open to the public.

More to follow soon...

GOSH: Workshop

In February, I will be running my first SEN workshop at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The workshop will explore how materials, and paying particular attention to the material culture of the site, can help SEN patients share their experiences of the hospital. The workshops will contribute to a new SEN resource for staff that explores the potential for art as a form of evaluation.

Working title: You can have it all

Stills of Gestures

object // function // gesture // thing

Editing footage from the most recent Get The Message workshops at Camden Arts Centre... 

Camden Arts Centre: Anti-theme begins...

This year's Get the Message project at Camden Arts Centre kicked off on Tuesday with the groups beginning to make work in accordance to this year's theme - 'anti-theme'. The premise of the anti-theme takes it's lead from anarchist theory, practices of autonomy, the fore-fronting of chance, and the celebration of randomness.

Get The Message: Family Day

Photographs just in from this years Family Day for the Get The Message exhibition! A great day was had - students gave their friends and families tours of the exhibition, before everyone took part in a workshop exploring some of the processes we had developed during the year.

All photographs by Hydar Dewachi.

Artist Talk: Get The Message

Last night Adam Walker and I gave an artists' talk and tour of the new Get The Message exhibition It didn't have to happen, it just did. The talk was well attended and interesting discussions were had - particularly agency and authorship within a collaborative project.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 19th July.

Exhibition: It didn't have to happen, it just did

Camden Arts Centre
Get The Message Exhibition
14th-19th July 2015

This years Get The Message exhibition is now open. This years project has focused on the theme of 'memory'. The installation encourages viewers to wander through the project and occupies a set space within the Artists’ Studio that visitors can walk within and around. The work all points to a distinct yet absent event; a performative intervention that took place on the young people’s first day on the project, which became a focus for the year.

This performance, referred to as ‘the Event’, included sound, movement and materials. The exhibition includes original footage from this, in addition to re-enacted and re-imagined versions created as a way to recall and remember what happened.

All images by Hydar Dewachi.


E for Entertainment

Collaborative project with Sarah Carne, in association with PM Gallery & Ealing Music Services

E for Entertainment started with an invitation, and was based around ideas of behaviour and codes of conduct. Students were prompted, through the invitation itself, to think about etiquette and the unwritten rules that regulate social conduct. Through a series of activities they invented their own new social rules and in turn acted as social analysts to investigate each others new social niceties. Through performance, installation and intervention the rules were theirs to make.

The Comfort of Things

Drop-in family workshop at PM Gallery as part of The Big Draw.

The workshop was inspired by the current exhibition Crafting Narrative; one of my favourite books The Comfort of Things (by Daniel Miller); and the history of a certain old room at Pitzhangor Manor where John Soane used to hoard his statue collection.

Over the course of the day participants were invited to slowly refill the room with objects that have meaning and significance to them. These objects began in the form of experimental drawings/sketches/collages on acetate which could temporarily be overlayed onto different surfaces within the room, before becoming 3D sculptural objects.

The objects created were initially based on memory and truth, but then embellished into 'super objects' as they develop based on the families wishes for them - creating hybrid objects encompassing memory and reality as well as a certain mythology, desire and ambition.

Project Visible

Tate Modern

Project Visible is an initiative from the Tate Schools Workshops programme. This year it took the form of a series of posters designed by the ten artists on the programme. The form of the project refers to  previous Tate initiative School Prints which ran from 1946-7. This was an ambitious scheme launched at the close of the Second World War bu Brenda Rawnsley, a British arts campaigner and education activist. Aiming to find ‘a means of giving school children access to contemporary art’ she produced prints by artists including Picasso, Lowry and Matisse for the classroom wall.

Project Visible was launched at Tate Modern in October 2014 with an exhibition of the commissioned works. It is also available as a resource, and has been sent out to more than 6000 pupils so far.