Site-specific 16mm film installation

Wayfaring draws heavily on the writings of anthropologist Tim Ingold, and in particular, his work on our perception of environments. Wayfaring is the act of travelling/way-making - usually by foot – which we all perform on a daily basis as we go about our lives. In making Wayfaring I was interested  in exploring this daily activity as an action of/opportunity for, enhanced perception.  In particular I was interested how wayfaring continuously changes our relationship to our environment, both consciously and subconsciously.

Produced at Farringdon Factory, the piece was created over the course of a days wayfaring through the 7-storey empty office block in the City of London. A reel of clear 16mm film was slowly unrolled as I walked through the space, and I used a pen to record impressions, drawings, and for mark-making along the way. I was interested in how the drawn lines would translate on film, and how the act of creating the piece would changed my perception, knowledge and sense of closeness with the building.

The strip of film itself became active in the process of wayfaring, simultaneously directing movement and attention, getting caught on doorways, twisting, or unravelling limply at my feet. Alongside my markings, over the course of the walk the film picked up some additions - dust, debris, fibres - of it’s own.

The resulting projection and installation of Wayfaring returned the film strip, and its components, back into the space. The strip of film was looped up and over the exposed pipe work on the 1st Floor and projected 20 metres ahead onto the back wall - closing a loop of engagement between myself, the film strip and the building.

To view the full film, click below.