I am an artist and anthropologist living and working in London.

I like to study the memory and legacy of objects, as well as the physical aftermath of social interactions. Combining hints and traces into solid documents, exploring the spaces between things, and narrating the invisible links and networks that surround us, are what interest me most.

Sculptural and performative elements form the basis of my investigations, but there remains a strong bias towards photography in my work. I first began photographing things as a way of capturing, explaining, and exploring ideas from a subjective, embodied perspective. I now use photography as process, outcome, and document.

My interest in material culture, in particular my interest in physicality and form in relation to social context, has developed out of a background in anthropology. I am influenced by contemporary anthropologists like Alfred Gell, Daniel Miller and Bruno Latour. A lot of my work could be seen as an ode to certain trains of thought or ideas formulated within their circles. My interest (to the point of obsession) with material culture is coupled only with an even bigger obsession with the body. And this links back to my connection with photography as an embodied practice; a lived experience as well as a process.

As a result of these two obsessions, my work tends to revolve around the meeting of the animate with the inanimate, the mutable position of subject to object, and artistic production as a fully social and fully physical process.

I am also one half of artist collaboration KEEM. KEEM was established in 2011 as an exploration into the nature of collaboration. Through methodology, ongoing discussion and debate, KEEM produces work which continuously questions subjectivity, materiality and identity.